About me

img_8857Katarina raised in a small town Novaky. Her abilities, talents and relationship to art was expressed already at a very young age. When she was five years old she began attending elementary art school. She played the piano and accordion, and she took singing classes as well. Her very first dance experience was slovak folk dance. When she was 9 years old she began attending dance school Xoana in Prievidza, where Katarina began to gradually take shape as a dancer and here she got also her first opportunity to teach in the age of fifteen.

The following years were for Katarina important, she learned to hard work and to discipline. Despite the fact that her high school specialized in hotel and gastronomy management, she went ahead in her dance education as well. Afternoons and weekends she spent in the dance studio by working on herself or teaching other younger dancers, but she was also looking for other forms of education at workshops and courses outside of her city. It brought her the opportunity to dance in the dance ensemble Novum Topolcany where Katarina danced last year before the end of secondary education. An important milestone was time, when Katarina started to study at  Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, where was open many more opportunities for her.

While attending university, Katarina focused on modern and contemporary dance. It influenced her in its artistic formation and expression through movement as a dancer, performer and also as a teacher. Study internship in Vienna and later in New York, helped her to develop the interpretative skills. She was oriented mostly on contemporary dance, contact improvisation and composition in her studies abroad, but she was open also to different street and urban styles. During her studies at university she taught in several dance schools in Bratislava. After the bachelor degree Katarina got an opportunity to work as a dance teacher at Private Conservatory in Nitra and after obtaining a master degree she started to work at Conservatory Bratislava and also at the Conservatory M. Bellu in Banska Bystrica, where she teaches jazz and contemporary dance.

img_5499Katarina is active as a dancer in several theaters in Slovakia, in the New Stage Theatre and Tower Stage in Bratislava and also in Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra. The first opportunity to stand on the theater stage and performing as a professional dancer, she got in musical the Eighth continent. Next came the musical Gypsies, Millennial Bee, Hairspray, Blood Brothers, Atlantida, Cats and her favorite became the musical Romeo and Juliet and the musical about John Paul II.The Occupation pope.

Katarina sees its way in her own learning and progress, so she can give her “know how” to other artists, dancers, who are the same passionate and believe in what they do. Katarina loves her way of life, she enjoy to be a dance artist and educator as well by whole her being. She supports the creative and interactive approach to the creation process and learning, which leads to the formation of common values in art and in life as well.